Thursday, 6 November 2014


a couple weeks ago i preformed in the school production i was in the main cast as a extra lady so i sang most of the songs so the back story is that Maurice Mc seventy wasn't invited to lady Evelyn
(her cousins) wedding when people that she hardly new came he very angry so he made an evil cruse voucher and give it to her as her wedding present that would curse the Oaklands kingdom FOREVER But as all evil every curse MUST have a loophole (so the good guys can win in the end) so he kidnapped sir Andrew Andersen the principle of Oaklands so then nothing can stand in his way but it wasn't that easy with guards with minds sharp as a baby's bottom Evelyn had a plan to rescue him

in guitar i am learning how to read notes its very difficult but I'm getting a bit better at it i leaned a new song all locked up for the production i had to learn 2 new chored G6 and D7 so it was different from learning notes but it still is fun

in keyboard i got to page 57 in my book witch is huge i might finish the book by the end
of this year it's getting very hard now because the notes are half a line a part so i have messed up a lot of times this term

in choir we have learned these song : bubbly, bad day and money money money its easy to sing high after the production

peer mediation i have helped 3 people over a couple weeks but it looks like people argrying has stopped

other actives i have done but these are the main 1s at the moment

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

2D and 3D shapes

this is a video on what i have been doing for maths its about 2D and 3D shapes